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InnovativeCompanies undertaking eligible R&D activities may claim up to 45% of the expenditure as a refund from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Access your R&D Tax Refund from Rocking Horse Finance so that you can:


  • Expedite further R&D activities;
  • Bring forward commercialisation plans;
  • Satisfy ongoing cash flow needs; and
  • Delay or avoid expensive equity raisings


Debt is Cheaper than Equity


When raising debt the cost is the interest expense (which may be tax deductible)whereas when you raise equity you are affording shareholders’ a claim on your business’s future earnings.

At Rocking Horse Finance we understand the challenge of funding R&D, while still coping with the expense of running your day to day business. That’s why we have developed an R&D financing solution that can get your innovations off the ground faster. By bringing forward your R&D tax refund you can put off expensive equity raisings to develop further and get better valuations on your business.


Platform To Attract Venture Capital


Why waste valuable time knocking on doors in the frustrating pursuit of venturecapital? At Rocking Horse, the investors find you! We bridge the gap betweenyou and the venture capitalists and institutional investors who are activelyseeking investment opportunities. Our platform gives you high visibility and credibility, while giving investors easy access to a range of high potential firms to support.

More than that, Rocking Horse can also link you into a complete R&D community,including the university sector, research organisations and other businesspeople, who can provide invaluable resources to help you develop your products,services or processes.


Back Office Advice & Assistance


It is vital for emerging entrepreneurs and innovators to focus on R&D, but this can be challenging when you are simultaneously trying to cope with back office functions too. Rocking Horse, along with our strategic partner organisations, can offer consultancy in a range of business areas, including accounting and financial management, strategy, relationship management, and R&D planning and review, enabling you to concentrate on developing your innovation.


Daniel Stinton, Founder  EBEV


“Allowing us to access cashflow critical to our R&D and commercialisation in an incredibly painless and efficient manner”

Daniel Stinton, Founder, EBEV


Key To Faster R&D Tax Incentives


Whenfinancing with Rocking Horse you are able to accelerate your company’s growthprospects and support cash flow by gaining valuable financing against youreligible R&D schedule.


Withcurrent expenditure of $500,000 on eligible R&D in the prior financial yearyou are entitled to $225,000 refund from the Australian Tax Office. Instead ofwaiting until October for the funds to be received from the ATO you may financethis once, or on a quarterly basis, through Rocking Horse.  By financing on a quarterly basis you are able to spend as much as $392,315 in the year oneligible R&D*. By financing on a quarterly basis gives you access to futureR&D funds that you can spend on the business this year rather than in thefollowing years.



The Rocking Horse Edge


Conquer The Cashflow Curse


Rocking Horse allows you to obtain R&D tax incentives upfront, rather than having to wait until end of year. We can even organise a quarterly cycle and can access higher funding than you may have thought possible to help free up cashflow and allow you to focus on development.


Limit Risk & Expand Opportunity


Employing our knowledge of processes, tapping into our network of contacts and utilising the expertise of our partners can transform your entire R&D operations. This holistic approach means you can mitigate risks, maximise financial stability and present a more attractive proposition to venture capitalists.


Accelerate Growth


When you can receive funding from Rocking Horse you not only get the capital you need to accelerate your businesses development but also investment partners who will be as committed to your success as youare? Partners who understand what it takes to grow a small businesses and havenetworks to support you and rapidly grow your business in Australia and globally.


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Our Team


Giles Karhan

Giles has worked in management, sales and marketing and operations across both equities and funds management for over 15 years. He has worked in both large Australian banks, wealth mangers as well as boutique funds management. His strong commercial experience is a valuable asset in his role running Rocking Horse. Giles has been a keen entrepreneur for many years and invested in a number of innovations over the past 10 years.


David Ireland

David brings to Rocking Horse over 15 years of experience in advising and leading innovative companies and programs. David’s experiences in innovation range from bench scientist, to entrepreneur, consultant, and innovation systems policy and international development practitioner. He is recognised as a leading entrepreneur and innovation specialist and has recently been cited as one of the world’s top 50 most talented social entrepreneurs. David is regularly invited to present on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and foresighting and has published widely across these fields


Experience Counts


Our team of specialists brings experience from awide range of disciplines, including finance, legal, accounting, R&D andthe university sector. We have a hands-on track record of building andsupporting growing innovative businesses, so we know the advice we give makes adifference and what we do.


Backed by industry experts


Our panel of expert reviewers include some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. They understand the value of getting to market quickly and how access to R&D cashflow can make the difference.