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Back Office Advice & Assistance


It is vital for emerging entrepreneurs and innovators to focus on R&D, but this can be challenging when you are simultaneously trying to cope with back office functions too. Rocking Horse, along with our strategic partner organisations, can offer consultancy in a range of business areas, including accounting and financial management, strategy, relationship management, [...]

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Key to Faster R&D Tax Incentives


When financing with Rocking Horse you are able to accelerate your company’s growth prospects and support cash flow by gaining valuable financing against your eligible R&D schedule. As an example, if you are a loss-making company with a December year end, with current expenditure of £300,000 on eligible R&D in your current financial year, [...]

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Accelerate Growth


When you can receive funding from Rocking Horse you not only get the capital you need to accelerate your businesses development but also investment partners who will be as committed to your success as you are? Partners who understand what it takes to grow a small businesses and have networks to support you and [...]

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The Rocking Horse Edge


Rocking Horse: Conquer The Cashflow Curse Rocking Horse allows you to obtain R&D tax incentives upfront, rather than having to wait until end of year. We can even organise a quarterly cycle and can access higher funding than you may have thought possible to help free up cashflow and allow you to focus on [...]

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Rocking Horse: Platform To Attract Venture Capital


Why waste valuable time knocking on doors in the frustrating pursuit of venture capital? At Rocking Horse, the investors find you! We bridge the gap between you and the venture capitalists and institutional investors who are actively seeking investment opportunities. Our platform gives you high visibility and credibility, while giving investors easy access to [...]

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R&D Tax Credit Advance Funding


Why choose Rocking Horse Provide advisory and financing services to innovators and business R&D operations. Help businesses to network with other R&D experts, universities and government support services. Create a hub for venture capital investors to link up with quality innovation opportunities. Support innovators to focus product/service development by providing backroom business support expertise. [...]

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Debt is Cheaper than Equity


When raising debt the cost is the interest expense (which may be tax deductible) whereas when you raise equity you are affording shareholders’ a claim on your business’s future earnings. At Rocking Horse we understand the challenge of funding R&D, while still coping with the expense of running your day to day business. That’s [...]

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