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The biggest challenge for venture investors in Australia is finding high potential business to invest in. Now Rocking Horse has created a solution that can satisfy that hunger for new investment opportunities. Through our R&D financing solution Rocking Horse attracts a diverse pool of innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, giving investors a well-qualified range of options to select from.

Helping You Make Profitable Connections

From our pool of entrepreneurs and innovators, Rocking Horse will help you qualify and identify firms that meet your desired investment criteria and facilitate and foster your connection with them. You achieve a much more efficient and seamless “opportunity search” with all initial due diligence taken care of. The platform also enables you to take a thematic or particular problem and find a firm or person that is creating a solution ready and waiting your investment impetus. Rocking Horse will be actively expanding into other countries that support innovation, which gives you an even wider scope of opportunities to choose from.

Who Is My Relationship With?

Rocking Horse acts as a facilitator and qualifier of the business innovation opportunities in our portfolio. While we actively encourage connections and can assist with negotiations on the terms of the investment you make, any investment relationships are ultimately directly between you and the business you choose to invest in. This ensures you retain all the benefits of direct involvement with that business venture.

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Why Rocking Horse?

Quality Screening of Opportunities

Our direct experience in the development and financing of start-ups and business R&D means that we can perform expert screening of market potential and the fundamentals of the businesses in our portfolio. Building on that foundation we conduct specific quality screening and due diligence, so that you are able to choose from well qualified investment opportunities.

The Rocking Horse Edge

The innovation opportunities we source all benefit from our financing and backroom expertise, which enhances their business potential and helps them focus on their innovation. This creates momentum within those businesses that you can capitalise on.

Investment Opportunities

What Investors Look For:

  • Quality opportunities that offer genuine innovation and market potential.

  • Businesses that are already maximising opportunities for taxation incentives and are taking advantage of R&D resources and networks.

  • Businesses that are competently managed have clear goals and understand the value and responsibilities of venture capital.

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What We Provide To Investors:

  • A centralised and growing pool of well qualified innovation investment opportunities.

  • An effective way to save time and effort and increase the potential for investment success.

  • Facilitation of relationships to accelerate the formation of financial links between investor and investee.

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