Key to Faster R&D Tax Incentives: When financing with Rocking Horse you are able to accelerate your company’s growth prospects and support cash flow by gaining valuable financing against your eligible R&D schedule.

As an example, if you are a loss-making company with a December year end, with current expenditure of £300,000 on eligible R&D in your current financial year, you are entitled to up to £100,000 in cash back from HMRC. Instead of waiting until March for the funds to be received from HMRC you may finance this once, or on a quarterly basis, through Rocking Horse.  By financing on a quarterly basis you could spend that amount in extra eligible R&D in the year, and receive a third of that back again. Financing on a quarterly basis gives you access to future R&D funds that you can spend on the business this year rather than in the following years.