Rocking Horse Group:

Conquer The Cashflow Curse

Rocking Horse allows you to obtain R&D tax incentives upfront, rather than having to wait until end of year. We can even organise a quarterly cycle and can access higher funding than you may have thought possible to help free up cashflow and allow you to focus on development.

Limit Risk & Expand Opportunity

Employing our knowledge of processes, tapping into our network of contacts and utilising the expertise of our partners can transform your entire R&D operations. This holistic approach means you can mitigate risks, maximise financial stability and present a more attractive proposition to venture capitalists.

Accelerate Growth

When you can receive funding from Rocking Horse you not only get the capital you need to accelerate your businesses development but also investment partners who will be as committed to your success as you are? Partners who understand what it takes to grow a small businesses and have networks to support you and rapidly grow your business in the UK and globally.