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At Rocking Horse, we provide non-dilutive finance solutions to help businesses of all sizes and in every sector accelerate growth plans and innovate.

Innovate now with R&D Tax Credit Loans and Advanced Grant Funding from Rocking Horse. Apply Now.

Can Rocking Horse Help You?

Access your own money sooner to reinvest in your business now with a Rocking Horse advance funding solution.

Is My Business Eligible?

1. Are you a UK Registered Business Doing R&D?

Does your company conduct R&D to improve existing products and services with a focus on innovation? If you have invested in R&D qualified activities you could potentially be eligible for a refund of up to 33% of relevant expenditure.

2. Do you meet the Government criteria?

You must be a limited liability company that is corporation tax eligible and a minimum annual R&D expenditure of £20,000 and conduct at least one activity under the government definition of R&D.

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Rocking Horse has funded businesses across the UK in every sector and any size

R&D Refund/IUK Smart Grant Funding

Unlock up to 80% of your R&D tax credit or grant up to 6 months in advance of financial year end

R&D/Grant Finance

Rocking Horse can fund your business with 48 hours of approving your application and provide loans of between £50,000 to £10m.

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How much money can you access now? A faster way to get your annual R&D tax credit refund throughout the financial year. Using the calculator below get an estimate on how much capital you can unlock now.

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