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Avoid Cash Flow Issues

What Is Grant Advance Funding?

Innovation grants, like those provided by Innovate UK and the European Union, are an excellent way to finance R&D. However, with grants paid retrospectively, many businesses face cash flow issues when financing the initial stages of their project. Grant Advance Funding from Rocking Horse solves this problem – we can provide you with 80% of your grant amount up to two quarters in advance. Through leveraging this advance it allows businesses to complete grant milestones, retain equity, and maintain project timelines.

Access Your Grant Finance Now

How Grant Advance Funding Benefits Your Business?

Finding it hard to cashflow your grant or other day-to-day areas of your business? Accessing your Grant advance now and unlocking that working capital enables your business to:

  • Access funding for the next milestone before the current one has been completed
  • Strengthen position ahead of the next round of grant funding by showing access to increased capital
  • Shorten the time between delivering the milestones and waiting for the grant payment
  • Non-dilutive capital means the business does not need to lose valuable equity or assets
  • No monthly repayments – just a single one once the company receives the grant payment

Are You Eligible?

Find out if you are eligible to get access to your grant advance funding now...

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    You can apply for Rocking Horse funding in just a few easy steps

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    Get in Touch, Onboarding and Gather Documents

    Fill out your online funding application form. This takes just 10 minutes.

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    Credit Assessment and Funding Approval

    Based on the information and documentation you provide, we will undertake our credit approval process.

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    Complete Loan Documents and Receive Funding Immediately

    On completion of our credit assessment and subsequent approval, we will issue relevant legal documentation for signature and execution. Once these have been signed, we'll advance you at least the first two quarterly instalments of your innovation grant.

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    Loan is Repaid

    Our loan is repaid at the end of each quarter once the grant provider has processed your grant spend claim and the loan is repaid with the proceeds. We can roll the funding over and add to the facility quarterly so you can access funding throughout the duration of the grant as and when you require it.

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    How much money can you access now? A faster way to get your annual R&D tax credit refund throughout the financial year. Using the calculator below get an estimate on how much capital you can unlock now.

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